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So last Sunday, I went down to Hellyer to lay down some TT times. I was looking forward to see how much my 200m time improved since March as well as seeing what my times were for the 500m, 1km, 2km, 3km, and 4km. The event was well run and offered TTs for both track and road bikes.

The 200m is a balls to the wall effort. You get ~2 laps to ramp up your speed for the balls to the wall 200m effort. I did the TT on the same gear I had used in March. When I jumped out of the saddle entering turn 1, I let out a little grunt, which is unusual and typically means that I have a full tank. I reached top speed just before the 200m line and held on for dear life. My line wasn’t the best I’ve had (dropped to the pole lane a bit early), but the effort felt good. I clocked 13.03s, which improved my best time by 6 tenths, what a good start to the day.

As I lined up for the 500m, I was thinking, be strong on the start and just gas it until my eyes bug out, then gas it some more. If you don’t feel as if you are about to fall over and die immediately after a 500, then you haven’t gone hard enough. When the whistle blew I started mashing the pedals, trying to concentrate on the upstroke. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much practice lately on my standing starts, so I was all over the track trying to control myself. I think I added at least a couple of seconds to my time with my crappy start and I clocked a 41.26.

Getting ready for the kilo, I wanted a bit more control on my start and decided to dial back the effort to gain that control. When the whistle blew, I was in much more control than the 500, but after ~10 pedal strokes, my left foot pulled out of the pedal. Since we were doing these TTs in a “pursuit” format, i.e. 2 riders on the track at a time, I didn’t want to ask for a restart, so I just fumbled around until I got my foot clipped back in, then I gassed it. I ended up with a 1:32 L.

The 2k went much smoother. My plan was to get a good start, get my heart rate up to threshold as fast as possible and just meter my effort until 1 lap to go then drill it. My time was 3:04, exactly twice my 1k. Clearly I lost a bunch of time in the kilo due to my mishap.

The 3k was pretty much a repeat of the 2k, but I was getting tired and it was getting late. I didn’t get my official time, but it was most likely in the 4:45 range, which is as expected with the 2k time I posted.

I had to scratch the 4k due to time constraints. I really wanted to do the 4k, but as tired as I was at that point, the time wouldn’t have been that meaningful. Overall, I was happy with my times and the experience. I learned a bunch about myself, and figured out a few things that I need to work on to improve. To quote the great Matt Martinez: “Holders, I need holders!” Next time, I think I’ll just do the 200m, 500m, and 1k and save the endurance lengths to training sessions, since I can basically time them easily myself. Oh yeah, and break the 13s barrier for the 200 and the 40s barrier for the 500.