Mt Hamilton Classic Road Race

Posted: June 6, 2011 in road race

Not a whole lot to say about this race. I got shelled right from the get go. ~2 minutes in, I began thinking that they weren’t going to hold the pace for long, by 5 minutes in, I started to slide back one at a time, by 8 minutes in, I was thinking that they would surely ease up any time now. By 9 minutes in, I was off the back and the field was quickly disappearing. OUCH! I just went into TT mode rode the rest of the race out. I must say, that although the climb hurt like hell, it was very enjoyable, if that makes any sense. The descent was fun too.

Even though I hadn’t trained for the race and was planning on using it to kick start my build towards the Patterson Pass RR, which I did, I never expected to get crushed so bad.  Oh well, live and learn. I did catch and pass two members of my group through the day to come home a disappointing 40th. Also, it was nice driving to the start and racing, albeit for 9 minutes, with two of my teammates.


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