Wente Classic Criterium

Posted: May 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

From April 29, 2010

Cat 5 Race: Briefly, I had a nice warmup on a trainer (first time for that and I highly recommend it). I had a nice attack on the first lap w/a TMT guy. We stayed off the front for ~8 min (~3 laps) and worked well together. I went for another later on, but they were on me like flies on shit. The third time I went to the front; I was informed by Hernando that I had a teammate in a break. It
would have been nice for him to wear his kit. With 2 laps to go, I tried to organize a sprint train for Gordon, but it was clear to me that I wasn’t going to be much help to them, so I told Gordon to go win it, which he did not, slacker! Andrew and I finished in the pack, Gordon finished 6th, and Frank just missed the podium at 4th. Great results for VSRT!

During the race, I saw several things that were a harbinger of things to come and made it very clear that all potential racers need to take some skills training before they toe the line. Frank and Gordon chime in, but even the minimal training that they received at my hands helped them to be more comfortable and safe during the crit. Needless to say, I spent a good bit of time in the pack yelling at people. First of all, riding in the hoods and even in the tops: What were they thinking? Second, lateral movement; racers were weaving to avoid bot dots, each other, and manhole covers. Third, riding the brakes in to the corners, and not crossing the center line upon entrance or exit; I was yelling to use the whole course, but I think that the braking was mostly due to attempts to avoid crossing bot dots. Fourth, looking before you move; this is a subset of lateral movement, but there were racers who were moving around without taking a peak before they did so. Fifth, dive bombing the inside of the corners; Unavoidable due to the way we were riding the course (explained above), but one racer felt my wrath when he dove inside of me just before an apex in one of the turns. He spent the rest of the race looking all over the place and being ultra conservative (mission accomplished). The crash was caused by a blown tire while going through the last corner, nothing anyone could do about that. How I stayed safe? I tailgunned when not going to the front and kept out of the middle of the pack, which seemed to work well since I still have all of my skin. My current attitude is that I need to get out of the Cat 5s ASAP, but that attitude along with racers not truly learning how to race while they are cat 5s is what causes dangerous cat 4s.


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