Get Ready For Summer 2010 #2

Posted: May 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

From April 19, 2010

Things have been pretty stressful the last couple of weeks, and this week will be worse, so it’ll be a fairly short report. I went into the races at Hellyer last Saturday with a few goals in mind.

1. Make it to the Keirin repechage.
2. Don’t get dropped in the Scratch race, go out on an attack, if possible.
3. Beat Beth Newell in the Miss `N Out.
4. Don’t get dropped and try to score one lousy point in the points race.

Let’s see how I did.

1. Last in my heat (which included Roy J.), no rep.
2. Dropped w/11 to go (20 lap race), got caught in no mans land trying to bridge to a break.
3. Newell was the next rider eliminated, after me, best race of the day.
4. Dropped on the 3rd sprint (16 to go), took a lap, then hung in the pack the rest of the way.

To sum it up: My mind was shot, my legs were shot, bluntly, I sucked! On the other hand, a bad day of racin’ is better than a good day of work.


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