Get Ready for Summer 2010 #1

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From March 31, 2010

Here’s my race report for the 1st Get Ready for Summer race at Hellyer Velodrome.

Keirin: Running late, not warmed up, not a very good push, ended up 5th out of 8 on the start, got boxed in, nothing much I could do. I absolutely love this race, too bad I suck at it!

8k Scratch (24 laps): Felt good, stayed patient and in the pole lane as much as I could. There was an early break of 2 riders and we couldn’t get organized for a chase. One rider at a time began to bridge and when the bridging group was 4 strong, I took off to join them. We were all pretty gassed from the unorganized chase, so there were no counter attacks. I hung out in the pole lane for a while, but ended up on the front w/2 to go and a rider on my hip. Then only thing I could do was drill it and give a nice lead out to someone behind me, which I did.

Miss `n Out: Told Mark Rodamaker in the warmup circle that I needed to learn to come to peace with this race because it was the one I like the least and had no confidence in it. He reiterated a plan of attack that he had told me last fall and one that I intended on using (especially since I had no other plan).While I was talking to Mark, they called us to the rail. It took me a bit longer to get up there, so I was toward the back. I knew that I had to get out of there or I was screwed, so as soon as we were told to roll out, I went straight to the front. On lap 2, the first being a parade lap, they started pulling riders. I settled into 4th or 5th wheel in the pole lane. After the first 8 riders were pulled, I took a peek over my shoulder and noticed that I was indeed last. I went over the top in turns 3 and 4 and avoided being eliminated. I then found myself on the front. I backed in 1 lane above the pole to find some draft and was in pretty good position until I moved out of the pole lane in turn 2 scaring the shit out of the rider next to me. That broke my concentration and by the time I got my head back in the race, I was pinned in the pole lane w/not enough track to slow down then swing over the top. I finished 7th out of 19, an excellent result for me, but reading the race, I should have finished 5th and scored my first B-group omnium point.

10k Points (30 laps, 3 sprints): I did my usual B-group points race thing, hang on until the first sprint, get dropped, bridge the gap, recover, hang on for dear life during the 2nd sprint. Then we caught 2 breakaway riders w/ 8 laps to go. I was above the stayers line 3rd wheel. I waited for the field to sit up, and then I drilled it. With 6.5 to go I heard there were 2 more with me. Could this work? Could it…Could it….No, I was pretty spent by that point. I could only pull for ~75m then I had to come off the front. A group of 3 B-racers w/10 chasing will not survive for 5 laps when all 3 are not sharing the work equally. We were caught w/4 to go and I just hung on until the end.

All in all, it was a very successful first track race of the season. I’m much stronger than last year, now if I can just get a bit faster, I can really start laying the wood to the field (funny how faster is always the answer). I learned a lot and I think that I may have figured out a good strategy for running the Miss `n Out. As far as the Scratch race is concerned, I probably should have just swung high and taken my chances rather than lead out the finish. Points, I think with my current strength, I may need to try to get into an early break, get some points, recover in the field and then try for a strong finish. In the Keirin, I probably should have taken the initiative to move up right away, goading someone into following me, then swinging off of the front to pick up their draft, assuming I couldn’t find a spot to squeeze into in the pole lane. Here’s a link to the A-group studs in a Keirin heat, Keirin final, and the last 7 laps of the scratch race. The last lap of the Keirins were at an average speed of 40 mph:


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