Early Bird Crit #2

Posted: May 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

From Jan. 11 2010

I had a good race yesterday. I missed the start do to the line at the potty. As I was approaching the S/F line, I saw the race coming towards me, so I turned around and started booking it. Thank God it was a fake race, or otherwise my teeth would have been singing “Anchor’s Away” by mid race. I stayed on the outside as much as possible and tried to keep an steady pace. I was on the front several times and tried to break away a couple times. The last time was w/2 to go, I was chasing a break and on the outside going into turn 1. As I chased, my rear wheel was bouncing up and down due to the rough road. I never did catch the break and expended too much energy trying. I floated to the back of the group and tried to work my way back up, but at that point I was just too far back. I didn’t pull the pin at the end because the race was pretty strung out like it is supposed to be :). I finished toward the back of the pack. I suppose I spent too much time in the wind, but dammit, attacking is so much fun! Avg. Speed 25.0 mph.


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