Altamont TTT

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From Apr. 5, 2010

Wow, what a hectic weekend. Here’s my report for the Altamont TTT. I’d like to first say thanks to Gordon, Frank, Don, and Janet for showing interest and actually participating in the event with me. As this was a team event, I’d like each TTT team member to add their thoughts to this report. We started off 3 weeks ago practicing the course on Tuesdays during the lunch ride. Each practice, we had different wind conditions and we learned something each time. We spent a lot of time working on our paceline strategy, cheating the wind, and learning the course. Funny how you can ride somewhere all the time and still miss a few nuances. Anywho, onto race day.

We met at Don’s office at 6:30 AM to warm up for our 8:08 AM start, and we needed every bit of time. I didn’t feel warmed up until we were riding over to the start. We showed up at the startline at 8:06 AM and were promptly admonished for being so late. As we lined up across the road, we were yelled at for not being 2×2 on the right side of the white line!?! So as we rearranged ourselves, Frank dropped his chain. We were given our instructions which were finished w/15s before our start time. I guess we weren’t too late after all.

Uhh, not so fast. When we were released, I drilled it out of the saddle to try to get the pace up as fast as I could. I then heard Gordon say something like “where’s our team?” I turned around to see Gordon and no one else. Turns out Frank fell ass over teacups at the start and Don was waiting for him. Gordon and I slowed our pace until Frank and Don joined us. We probably lost ~10s with that blunder, but at least Frank got his starting line foul up over with in his first

The wind wasn’t too strong, so we were pushing pretty hard on the way out and actually took ~7s out of our minute men by the turn. I took some monster pulls during the descent to keep the pace as high as I could since I was the only one with a 52t chainring. We made a fine turn and I was out of the saddle to bring us back up to pace ASAP. Once we settled back into our pace, I knew I was in a bit of trouble.

During all of our practices, I had been able to recover fairly well at the back, well not during this ride. My HR hovered within 2 bpm of my functional limit pretty much the whole ride. On the way back, I struggled mightily just to hang on to the group, calling out my heart rate when I was about to blow. I pulled when I could, but most of the time I would try, I would get to the lead rider and not be able to pass him, and then I would fade to the back of the group. In addition, I felt like I couldn’t get a respite from the wind. I’d move a bit left, I’d move a bit right, and the wind would feel the same. Not a good feeling riding into a block headwind. My plan was to do what I could to recover, pull when I could and then just absolutely nail it when we hit Carrol road.

When we hit Carrol road, I did just that, I called the engine room and asked for warp factor 9. Scotty told me he was given her all she got, and I asked for more. I took a strong pull and then with the finish in sight, I sprinted to the front. We crossed the line with a time of 41:59, our best time of the month.

We finished DFL in the cat 4s but would have been 3rd in the cat 5s which Frank, Gordon, and I all are. How do I rate my contribution, I went as hard as I possibly could for 42 minutes and that I am happy with, though, I wish I could have done more, especially on the way back.


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